While I have a host of tangible goals for the year ahead, I’ve decided to set a few slightly more intangible ones as well. You know, the kinds of goals that weave an over-arching intentionality into the seemingly mundane activities and happenings of life.  And, breed depth of relationship, greatness of character and courage to conquer the difficult.

On my list of tangibles are things like traveling more, attending the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, visiting my dear friends Marion and Renata whom I haven’t seen in over a year, helping my little sister train for and complete the Country Music Kids’ Marathon in Nashville in April, running the half marathon the following day with my running partners in crime, hosting more dinner parties, completing a triathlon, eating more fruits and veggies, racing the Muddy Buddy, getting to know the families at my church, hiking and reading more, etc.

My intangibles are to ask more questions, to start viewing money as a statement of belief as opposed to a transfer of value, to love regardless of outcome, to increase my involvement in and awareness of the adult literacy movement in my city, to fight to harbor joy and not bitterness and to live more simply. While I may not be able to celebrate the achievement of such goals with a camera, medal or victory dance (and let’s be honest, you don’t want me to dance no matter what the occasion…) I get the feeling that the incorporation of these things will greatly enrich all of the more capturable moments of the year ahead.

2010, a toast to you and all that you hold! Cheers.