I’ve been traveling since Friday, partly for work, partly for vacation. I decided to give myself a little slack when it comes to my reading fast as I knew I’d have to navigate an airport, a bus station, a train station and two new cities on my travels. It would have been virtually impossible to do those things without the ability to read at a high level. I cannot fathom just how frustrating it would be to be rendered virtually immobile due to a lack of reading skills.

I’ve been feeling very disconnected from my friends and family due to this fast, especially while on my trip. Sure, I can call friends but there is quite a bit I’ve missed out on when not checking Facebook, Twitter and texts regularly. There are important events, requests for prayer and updates that I’ve been completely unaware of. This has been very hard for me on a couple of levels. First, I like to be aware of what’s going on in the lives of those around me so its been hard to be disengaged. Secondly, while being affirmed by others is important to well being, I’ve realized that an unhealthy portion of my  identity and self worth results from  a Facebook comment, a retweet or an e-mail response. I seriously have been showing the signs of withdrawal that a smoker or alcoholic would experience when trying to kick a bad habit. Not good but I’m hoping that this whole process will purge some of my need for unhealthy affirmation

So,  to be honest I’ve caved some this week, checking a few of the mediums that would be impossible to navigate if I operated at a low level of literacy. Tomorrow I plan to get back on track as I really do want to see this journey through to completion while seriously questioning that I have the ability to do so.