Yesterday was my birthday and I’m so glad that it fell on a Sunday so that I could enjoy all of the encouraging texts, e-mails and cards that were sent my way.  Given the occasion, some of the messages were a bit personal and it struck me just how difficult it would be to have to ask a friend to read me what had been written. Some words are meant to be private,  not shared yet there are so many adults that have no choice but to make such messages public. All of this begs the question,  what would it be like to have a wordless birthday or other form of celebration?

I’m also realizing just how much I relish written words and cannot imagine going through life without the ability to read and re-read Scripture, poems, song lyrics or the things close friends and family had written. Such words have been like sustenance to me as I’ve navigated life’s ups and downs; there’s a certain validity that comes when words are inked out on a page so my heart goes out to those that are either unable or struggling to read. While such words may not resonate as deeply with others as they do me, I think there is some richness and depth that is missing when a life is lived without them as they can provide a reminder that we are loved, cherished and not alone in our journey.