This year I opted not to set a New  Year’s resolution and instead have been operating under a theme of sorts: words becoming flesh. You see, as last year was drawing to a close, I realized I talked a big game about how I wanted to live my life  but seldom actually set about implementing those beliefs in my own day-to-day. I also realized that the friendships that have meant the most to me were those where the other person actually lived out their life ethos in-person, in the flesh, and I wanted to be more like that.

So, when a word or string of words have struck a chord with me and caused my heart to go, “yes, that’s it, that’s how I want to live, that’s how I want to love, that’s how I want to go about my day…,”  I’ve tried to sit with it for a few days, to think through the implications of those words being planted and manifested as something tangible to the world around me. Some of the words have been thrown out for I realized they weren’t actually something I believed, much less wanted to be part of my fabric. Others have taken root and begun to sprout up in all sorts of unusual and exciting ways. And others I’ve wanted to throw out all together because they’re difficult to implement, yet, I know I must carry them with me for I know them to be true, right and important.

More than anything this approach has caused me to keep my mouth shut when I otherwise wouldn’t for, “if our lips are moving, but our actions don’t match – we become a badly dubbed foreign film, without the benefit of subtitles” (Kristin Armstrong, and I don’t want to live life that way.