This guest blog post is from my wonderful older sister, Ashley Lassiter Googe, written on her first Mother’s Day. 

I had this thought: being a mother is both wonderful and heart wrenching. You are tethered to another person. And someday that person will leave. And it will be both wonderful and heart wrenching. Like there are times I look at Oliver and think he is so beautiful and marvelous that it makes my heart hurt. And I know that will only happen more and more.  And the thing with a child is from the moment they are conceived they are moving towards independence, away from you, to exit your body, to walk, to think, to go. It makes me think of the quote that children are born through you, not to you.

And it’s such a different love than marriage. The assumption in marriage is you are on equal footing, and the other person is capable of caring for himself. Yes there are times when you carry the other, and you are always tied to that  person. But as a parent your every breath revolves around your child. It is your job to keep them alive. To nurture them. To bring them into all they are to be. Or maybe this is just how mothers feel. I cannot speak for fathers.